18-19th April, 2017 | São Paulo


Event Conducted in Portuguese Flag of Brazil 43x30 American Flag

Welcome to 4th annual Brazilian Retail Insurance Summit 2017.

Implement a digital strategy that is lean, cost-efficient and delights your customers.

This Brazilian Retail Insurance summit was born from the need to provide specialist retail insurance intelligence and networking for the Brazilian insurance community. It’s  now the number one meeting point in Brazil for Retail Insurance and is a must attend for anyone in commercial, product, marketing, distribution, technology and operations.

Attend this summit to learn how to navigate the digital world whilst maintaining and outstanding customer experience. What’s more, discover how to make your operation much more efficient through automatization.

"This is now the only event where the market leaders address the key issues that affect their day-to-day, and the key elements necessary for the future of their business"
Helio Prandini, President, THB UNTD

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