18-19th April, 2017 | São Paulo


Event Conducted in Portuguese Flag of Brazil 43x30 American Flag

Conference Day One
Tuesday April 18, 2017

Conference Day Two
Wednesday April 19, 2017

Welcome Coffee and Registration

Opening Remarks from the Chair

Analyzing the Impact of the Recent Financial Downturn and Understanding the Growth and Contraction in the Insurance Industry in Brazil

  • Samy Hazan Director of Corporate & New Business Development & M&As, Sompo Group


• Evaluating the financial market and exactly how this has affected the different insurance
lines across insurers

• Highlighting how retail insurance has performed across the different insurers

• Assessing bank assurance and how this has performed in the current financial climate

• Understanding the impact on M&As in Brazil and how this has affected the
insurance sector

Optimizing the Power of Brand Construction in the Digital Era


. Understand the impact of branding recognition online
. Drive your market growth with a top-notch digital strategy
. Leverage the market education to expand penetration

Cost Optimization in Insurance

Morning Refreshments & Networking

Step into the Next Generation Claims Optimization


• Digitizing the whole claims processing – no more paper

• Mapping the new requirements needed to handle digital claims

• Developing the internal capability to handle a digital migration

Radically Improving Digital Platforms to Include Brokers in the eCommerce Insurance Business


• Building specific platforms and tools to sell insurance online via the brokers

• Capitalizing on the expertise and knowledge brokers hold in an online environment

• Discussing the success of this platform and how it has been exported to other places

Digital Learning Curve – Vision and Reality

Implementing Reverse Mentoring to Transform Digital Culture


• Providing a framework where junior members of the team are able to impart digital
knowledge and culture

• Creating a culture of openness and transparency that enables this

• Evaluating some of the results of reverse mentoring

Networking Lunch

Going Beyond Online Sales: Digital Transformation


• Looking at digital transformation as it affects the whole business

• Understanding how it’s a cost efficient solution

• Exploring the digital capabilities necessary to move forward

Exploring the Protector Platform Business Case


• Developing customer intimacy without breaking the brokers relation

• Creating engagement with policyholders

• Exploring the future of the relationship between insurers and clients

Driving Innovation Through InsurTech


• Exploring investment since 2011 and what kind of InsurTechs have been incubated

• Pinpointing the product lines that attract the most innovation

• Discussing six trends in innovation in insurance and identifying the focus areas
for InsurTechs

Networking Break

Expanding the Retail Insurance Market

Panel Discussion – Digital Catastrophes and What’s Been Learned so Far In Brazil


• How is Brazil comparing to the rest of the world?

• What lessons can be learned from banking?

• How are Brazilian customers responding/interacting digitally?

• What are the top 3 things panellists would do differently?

Panel Discussion: Exploring the Opportunities in the SME Sector


• Determining how to understand and segment the SME sector

• Exploring the most cost effective distribution channels to reach the SME segment

• Discussing what product innovation looks like for this sector

Blockchain Focus Session – Developing Commercial Business Models Using Blockchain


• Determining how blockchain is being used in insurance through InsurTech

• Connecting IOT through blockchain and evaluating products like parametric
catastrophic insurance

• Understanding how to factor risk into blockchain models – are blockchains insurable?

• Determining whether blockchain presents new corporate insurance opportunities?

End of Conference Day Two